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Reedy Creek Power Station

Supply and Installation of gas ring main, pre-chamber ring main, enclosure main gas and pre-chamber piping, heat exchanger skids, filter skids and all interconnecting pipework.

Eurombah Creek Power Station

Supply, manufacture, deliver, install and test enclose & ring main piping and supports.

High Security Fencing

Supply and Installation of double row high security fence with anti-climb structure and razor wire peak.

Mount Barker Sub-station

Manufacture, surface treat and deliver lattice steel towers, gantries, equipment stands and kiosk stations to the Mount Barker substation ready for assembly.

ETSA Utilities Davenport Substation

Manufacture, Surface treat & Deliver 170 tonne of stuctural steel including 31 off 13mtr and 17mtr conical towers maufactured from 16mm to 4mm plate.

ETSA Utilities Cherry Gardens 275KV Transmission Towers

Manufacture, surface treat and deliver 38 tonne of structural steel angle, connection plates & tower bolts for 2 x 46 metre towers, packaged and ready for assembly.