Mt. Gambier Regional Airport Upgrade

Clients > Kennett Builders

Project Year > 2020

The Upgrade and extension of Mt. Gambier Airport. DMK Engineering provided fabrication and installation of structural steelwork.

  • Site Surveying
  • Shop detail of structural steelwork
  • Surface treatment to specification
  • Installation of structural steel
  • Manufacture and supply associated metalwork items

Timberlink Chip Stockpile Conveyor

Clients > Timberlink Australia, Tarpeena Sawmilling Operation

Project Year >2020

DMK Engineering completed the design and construction of a 72m Stock piling Conveyor and the modification/Installation of a 25m interconnecting Conveyor, for Stockpiling of Export Grade Wood Chip. Design included an automated Telescopic chute to maintain chip pile.

This stockpiling conveyor has a rated design capacity of 780m3/hr and Belt Speed of 120m/min while also incorporating an automated Bypass Chute in the Connecting Conveyor System. This bypass chute is used to divert contaminated chip product from reaching the stockpile.

With a total of Approx. 60t of structural Steel, this was a mix of 3D Fabricated body Frames, Stick Steel and some 4.8m Wide 2D Truss Sections. The main conveyor module, a 45m long section, weighing 29.5t was installed as a single lift.

  • Refine and complete design of Stockpiling Conveyor.
  • Design interconnecting conveyor
  • Shop detailing of conveyor structures and access walkways, platforms and stairs.
  • Manufacture of conveyor structures
  • Off Site assembly of conveyor sections complete.
  • Coordination of oversized escorted haulage of conveyor sections to site.
  • Installation of conveyor support steelwork and conveyor sections.
  • Installation of conveyor belt and final components.
  • Commissioning of conveyors

Department of Correctional Services Prison Upgrade Works

Clients > Kennett, Mossop Construction + Interiors, Harrold and Kite, and Saxon Construction

Project Year > 2018 – 2019

DMK Engineering have provide fabrication and site Installation services for Mt. Gambier and Adelaide Women’s Prison.

  • Adelaide Women’s Prison High Security Fencing and Sally Port Gates. 835m
  • Mount Gambier Prison High Security Fencing and Sally Port Gates. 1135m
  • Mount Gambier Prison Internal Exercise Yard. High Security Fencing. 210m

Projects Scope:

  • Design and detailing of Fences and Sally Port Gates and PA Gates
  • Site Survey and Setout of Fence Lines and Post Locations.
  • Coordination of Civil contractor for correct post footing locations and RL’s
  • Survey of post locations and setting of anchors
  • Manufacture of Fence and Gate structures
  • Surface Treatment of all Steelwork
  • Installation of Fence Structure and Gates.
  • Coordination of Gate and fence security systems with security contractor and DCS installer
  • Installation of Anti-climb 358 security mesh with tamper proof screws and dome bolts and shear nuts.
  • Connections and tie ins to existing High Security Infrastructure.
CW 05
Department of Correctional Services Prison Upgrade Works - Mesh Panels