Murray Bridge Waste -Water Treatment Plant Upgrade Client > John Holland

Project Year > 2019 - 2020

Located approximately 10km from Murray Bridge at the Brinkley Waste and Recycling Facility this plant needed a major upgrade.

DMK Engineering works, included the workshop fabrication of Stair Access and Platforms, Cross Over Stairway, Stainless Steel Pipework and Stainless-Steel Cast-In Spools. DMK Engineering site installation crew also performed site installation of Access Staircases, Platforms, Aluminium Hand-Railing and Stainless Pipework.

Barossa Dam Tunnel Inlet Access Upgrade

Client > SA Water

Project Year > 2019

The Project focused on the Barossa Dam Tunnel Inlet that connects the South Para and Barossa reservoirs. Access is required to operate the tunnel gates, inspect water levels, and operate the environmental flow valve and clear debris from inlet screen. The access to the site and control points did not meet SA Water’s safety requirements, and a compliance upgrade was required.

  • Demolition and site removal of Existing hand-railing, Internal Pit Access Ladders and platforms
  • Construct and install the access upgrades to Galvanised Hand-Railing
  • New Concrete stairs with Aluminium Guard- Railing
  • Modify the existing screening access platform
  • Retractable FRP Access ladders
  • Supply and Install of Truck Barriers
  • Supply and Install FRP grating

SA Water Tank Rehabilitation Works

Clients > Fulton Hogan, and SA Water

Project Year > 2018 – 2019

DMK Engineering have partnered with Fulton Hogan and SA Water on a number of rehabilitations works on many of SA Water's storage tanks throughout the state.

  • Demolition of steel structures, Internal and External Staircases. Removal of any existing hatches, platforms, air bridges and cladding. Removal of Existing Steel Tank columns.
  • Fabrication and Install new external access staircase
  • Fabrication and Install of New FRP Tank columns
  • Fabrication and Install of air bridges
  • Fabrication of Aluminium and install of new sliding hatch and service platforms
  • Supply and installation of new approved anchor point and inspection hatch
  • Fabrication of Inlet and Outlet Stainless Pipework
  • Fabrication and install new security fencing and PA gate.
  • Fabrication and install of Aluminium Guard- Railing round Tank perimeters
  • Supply and Install of New Tank Cladding

DMK Engineering have performed Tank Rehabilitation Works on the following Tanks and Sites

  • Barunga
  • Urania
  • Hillbank
  • Arthurton Tank 1
  • Craigmore
  • Stonyfell
  • Anstey Hill Tank 1, 2 and 3