The DMK team is experienced in supplying and installing the infrastructure to support transmission lines from 33kV to 550kV. We offer a complete in-house solution for the manufacture, workshop prototype assembly and on-site installation of the following:

  • Lattice Towers and Gantries
  • Tower Strengthening steelwork
  • Substation Support Structure and Stands
  • Kiosk and Marshalling stands
  • Fabricated Poles
  • Busbar Welding
  • Anti-Climb Steelwork
  • Fall Arrest
  • Tower Step Bolts
  • Prototyping of Gantry and Supports Structures
  • Onsite Tower Corrosion Repairs
  • Site Installation


Davenport Substation Steelwork

Clients > Enerven, Port Paterson SA 5700

Project Year > 2020

Fabrication of 3 off 22.4 Metres 275kV Gantry Column Steelwork total of 9.5 tons and 3 off 18 metre 275kV Gantry Cross Arm total of 6.8 tons. 35 off Substation Support Structures

  • Fabrication to Client specifications
  • Gantry Angle holes are all drilled
  • All steel supply is ARCS approved Grade 300 plus
  • All processed plates to Gr250
  • All Steelwork stamped with member ID
  • Surface Treatment to HDG600
  • Supply of Tower bolts to Gr5.8 Galvanised

Tailem Bend Substation, Steelwork

Clients > Enerven

Project Year > 2016

Fabrication of 6 off 22.4 Metres 275kV Gantry Column Steelwork total of 19 tons and 3 off 23 metres 275kV Gantry Cross Arm total of 9.3 tons. 80 off Substation Support Structures

  • Workshop Prototype Assembly of Gantry Steelwork
  • Workshop Package and labelling is a crucial step to increase efficiency for field installation
  • Site Assembly and Erection of Gantry Steelwork