Teys Australia Upgrade

Clients > Watpac and Teys Australia

Project Year > 2019 - 2020

New site upgrades to operational facilities as well as new infrastructure to provide client greater efficiency to daily operations at Teys Australia, Naracoorte.

  • New manually operated Chiller 10
  • New semi-automated Marshalling Area
  • Extension and modification of the existing Hot and Cold Beef Passages
  • Loading dock extension and switchboard room extension

The upgrade will increase meat output by 20 per cent.

Weilong Wines

Clients > Linney Engineering Services and Weilong Wines Australia

Project Year > 2018- 2019

Works involved site run and fit-up of 304 Stainless Steel Tube to the following services at Weilong Wine project site in Victoria.

  • Wine Lines
  • Service Lines
  • Fermenter Juice and Drain Lines
  • Crusher Must Lines
  • Crusher, Yeast, Caustic and Air Lines
  • Supply and Installation of Valves and Sight glasses
  • Fabrication and Site Installation of Weight Bridge Steelwork, Hand-railing and Axial Feed Access Platform Steelwork

Total of 14,900 metres of 304 Stainless Steel Tube work. All welds fully purged with air monitoring conducted to ensure complete purge and compliances to AS 1528.

Cattle Loading Facility

Client: Teys Australia

Project Year >2016

A Turnkey project for the Fabrication and Site Installation of a two deck high cattle unloading facility. The facility upgrade was to provide safer welfare, and less stress for cattle, abattoir operational staff and truck drivers.

  • Design of unloading ramp area for allocation of a new swing around truck access catwalk
  • Clear Trees and Establish Site
  • Earthworks for new road and storm water management
  • Management of civil contractors for concrete Formwork new roadway kerb edge, with allowance for storm water run-off
  • Concrete apron for turning trucks